Smart Villa Solution

Smart Villa is a Home Automation System (HAS) designed to provide intelligent home system management. Smart Villa consists of a network of electronic devices to monitor and control the mechanical, electronic, security, entertainment, energy consumption and lighting systems of a given home.

The Smart Villa HAS core functionalities are to keep home climate, music, video and audio energy used within a specific/pre-designated range, provide lighting based on occupancy schedules and monitors system performance and device failures while providing notifications to tenants in the event of device failure or malfunction.

The Smart Villa HAS reduces home energy and maintenance costs relative to homes without such systems in place. Smart Villa air handlers mix outside air with recycled indoor air in order to reduce the energy needed for air temperature and humidity control. This saves users money by using less chilled or heated water for the purposes of air conditioning. While some external air is needed to maintain healthy indoor air quality (IAQ), Smart Villa’s demand-controlled ventilation system adjusts the amount of outside air entering the building based on measured levels of occupancy.

Analogue or digital temperature sensors may be placed inside one of the building’s rooms, in the return or supply air ducts, or sometimes on the building exterior. Actuators are placed at the hot and chilled water valves as well as at the outside air and return air dampers. The supply fan (as well as the return fan, if applicable) is activated and stopped based on the time of day, outdoor and indoor temperature, indoor air pressure, or a combination of these factors.

Home Touch’s Smart Villa Solution offers the following features:

  • Lifeous Portable Video Intercom System with 3D interface
  • Lighting control (with or without dimming) system in each room
  • Energy consumption monitoring from each lighting switch
  • Infrared control for home appliances and curtain control
  • 16-zone Security Alarm System
  • PSTN land line notification when alarms are triggered
  • Timer Control, temperature control, scenario control
  • Possibility of integrating multiple different building platforms: hotel, office, hospital, school, etc.
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning systems using infrared devices for integration and control
  • CCTV and IP camera integration
  • Video message for visitors when home occupants are away
  • House calls diverted to mobile when occupants are away
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