Smart Office and Meeting Room Solution

The Smart Office model is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional office automation systems. The key considerations driving business professionals to deploy Smart Office solutions are:

  • Convergence: building systems control functions can be centralised into a single, user-friendly interface
  • Mobility: users can manage and inspect building systems remotely
  • Security: automated surveillance and safety systems provide heightened security while, while device monitoring allows device or system failures to be addressed immediately
  • Productivity: Automation and ease of use save users valuable time
  • Employee satisfaction: Smart Office’s automation systems raise employee comfort and well-being
  • Reduced operating costs through energy savings and early detection of device malfunction
Our experts can design and implement customised Smart Office Solutions according to customer’s preferences and requirements. Home Touch can integrate multiple different Smart Building components into a single, user-friendly system for monitoring and controlling of the various building systems. Using the latest Android or iOS application technologies, customers can interface with separate building systems using one single device. Key Smart Building systems that can be accessed via mobile device include:

  • Digital signage software, customised advertisements according to the user’s taste and lifestyle preferences
  • Audio/video recording in board rooms and meeting rooms
  • Building access control
  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors
  • Intercom systems
  • Lighting solutions
  • Motorized drapes
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