Energy Saving School Solution

Home Touch’s Energy Saving School Solution helps schools to reduce their energy costs by seamlessly integrating heating and cooling infrastructure, lighting, and other equipment. Home Touch’s Energy Saving School Solution links these various systems to an intelligent, programmable controller capable of maximising system efficiency and managing energy use through sensors, meters and timers according to occupancy. Management can then control these systems remotely via phone or Internet. Home Touch’s Energy Saving School Solution increases level of safety, comfort and convenience on school grounds, while also helping to save energy. Key features include:

  • Sensors, meters and timers to shut system off when rooms are not in use, thus saving energy
  • Fully automated HVAC system
  • Timer and real-time temperature monitoring to limit air-con use
Target Group:

  • Newly-built schools and schools still in the planning stage
  • Schools undergoing redevelopment or with rooms or sections being renovated