3D Showroom Solution

Home Touch’s 3D Showroom Solution uses the latest in presentation technology to help you introduce and market your products to potential customers. Home Touch’s multi-touch 42 inch screen provides a new, interactive experience that is sure to differentiate your product line from your competitors’.

Key features include:

  • Totally re-imagined sales cycle, providing potential customers with a completely virtual yet interactive experience of the marketer’s product
  • One-stop solution for product marketing and sales
  • 3D table screen for interactive product presentation and simulation
  • Expertly designed digital interface to facilitate interaction between salesperson and customer
  • Programmable audio and lighting
  • On-screen sensors to detect customer location
  • Energy-saving mode to enhance energy efficiency

Target Group:

  • Companies needing to differentiate their product line from competitors’
  • Companies seeking a more interactive interface than internet marketing is able to provide
  • Companies selling luxury products
  • Companies attempting to market to children and young adults
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