How To Become Our Partner

To get involved with Home Touch as a business partner, please provide the following:

1. Valid company registration document
2. Records of current registered capital and shareholder information
3. Thorough company profile with organisation chart

After we receive the above documentation, we will carefully review your company’s suitability for a partnership with Home Touch. If accepted, we will provide you with the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Cooperation Agreement. Following our detailed product, solution and marketing training, the prospective partner will sit for a comprehensive examination (or maybe replaced with the word assessment) on the full spectrum of Home Touch services. Upon successful completion, the partner will receive our Home Touch Qualified Partner Certificate (issued to both companies and individuals) in confirmation of the partner’s expertise.

Certification Types:
1. Home Touch Tier One Qualified Dealer (HTQDR)
2. Home Touch Tier Two Qualified Dealer (HTQDR)
3. Home Touch Tier One Qualified Installer (HTQI)
4. Home Touch Tier Two Qualified Installer (HTQI)