Our Vision

Touch Imagination. Redefine Experience.

We are one of Asia Pacific’s leading providers of building automation solutions. For years we have committed to boosting the health, efficiency, time management, and comfort of our clients by applying our engineering expertise to buildings, villas, apartments, showrooms, hotels, offices and various other environments.

Since 2004, we have provided all-in-one, affordable automation solutions, with most of our projects centred in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India. Our customers include property developers, architects, interior designers and other homeowners and business people seeking a more convenient, healthy and user-friendly environment.

Home Touch has always been a forward-looking company. In the coming years, we plan to heighten our focus on health-supporting as well as sustainable solutions for the home, office and hotel. We are committed to creating healthy, energy-saving, easy-to-use, and intelligent living and working environments through the application of our unique expertise and experience in the building automation field. The satisfaction of our thousands of clients has made us a leader in the automation systems in the Asia Pacific. We plan to expand our reach and further heighten user satisfaction as we enter our second decade.