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Vivid Living ( believes that personal well-being and sustainability should be an integral components of every living space. With its 'Healthy Home & Healthy Office Blueprint' Vivid brings a focus on health to every aspect of your apartment, house or workplace, creating spaces that optimize well-being and facilitate the healthiest lifestyle possible.
Vivid Living's concept combines professional air and water purification systems, sustainable and green building materials, mood lighting and home automation systems, ergonomic and biophilic design and tools for optimized nutrition and physical fitness.
Vivid Living's range of services caters to the unique needs and requirements of every client and every client's space. Vivid can act as a consultant or a one-stop shop to transform your home or office space into a healthier living environment. Vivid Developments delivers the 'Healthy Living Concept' to entire multi-unit serviced apartments, office and residential buildings by merging the creation of healthy spaces with on-demand health related services and features.
Vivid Living - Creating Health at Home and Work
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IDG Group was established in year of 2000 by a group of design professionals specializing in project design, project management, construction, brand building and consultancy service. We focus in provide project prelim concept, consult, design and project management, a complete solution. The market we are working are hotel, office, retail, food and beverage, high-end mix development project...etc. Our project reference located in Taiwan, China – Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, we believe with the regional version, we shall able to serve most multi national client.
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Set up in 2007, Multi is a Space and lighting expert solution provider in, hotel, office, commercial building solution provider that operates in the Peoples’ Republic of China (“PRC”) and its offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, PRC. The company is involved in the provision of intelligent outdoor lighting design and more recently has successfully expanded its business into the provision of smart and energy saving indoor automation. Multi has cooperated with major property developers for the design and supply of lighting and energy efficient products , equipment,and middleware to various industry.
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